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PresentationIn our objective to promote and develop spectroscopy, we try to participate - and sometimes even organize - as many meeting as possible on this theme.

We group here some slidesets or paper you might find interesting. Those are in english. Look also for our french version.

British Astronomical Association - Variable star Section meeting at Norman Lockyer Observatory - october 2015
SpeakersThe VSS section of the BAA has organized a great Spectroscopy workshop on october 10th. I gave a talk the evning before on introduction to spectroscopy for the local members of NLO observatory and the workshop had talks from Robin Leadbeater, Andy Wilson & David Boyd.
Here are the talks in PDF format made available by each speaker and also available on the BAA VSS web site:

General conference (Olivier Thizy, 14MB): Introduction to astronomical spectroscopy

Why do we do astronomical Spectroscopy? Olivier Thizy, 14MB

How we do Spectroscopy: preparation, acquisition and data reduction,
Robin Leadbeater (2MB)

My first steps in slit spectroscopy, Andy Wilson (6MB)

Low resolution slitless spectroscopy - observing a fast transient of a T Tauri star, Robin Leadbeater (3MB)

Low resolution slit spectroscopy - Confirming and classifying a supernova, Robin Leadbeater (4MB)

Observations with a LISA spectrograph, David Boyd (5MB)

High resolution spectroscopy - Radial velocity measurements of Deneb, Robin Leadbeater (4MB)

Be stars long term monitoring, BeSS database and general pro/am collaboration in spectroscopy, Olivier Thizy (16MB)

BAA VSS NLO workshop - Group picture (credits: Jack Martin)

OHP - Spectroscopy Star Party
Several talks and "courses" have been recorded and are available in replay:
Talk on novae by François Teyssier (french, translated in english)
Practical astronomical spectroscopy, training by François Cochard #1.
Astrophysics course by Steve Shore (university of Pise), part 1: binary systems, accretion disks
Practical astronomical spectroscopy, training by François Cochard #2.
Short talk by David Boyd on his study of EE Cep eclipse in 2014, both in photometry and spectroscopy.
Astrophysics course by Steve Shore (university of Pise), part 2: different kind of binary systems
French talk by François Teyssier on planetary spectroscopy.
Practical astronomical spectroscopy, training by François Cochard #3: spectra data reduction with live demo of ISIS
Talk by Ernst Pollmann about VV Cep eclipsing system, followed by a discussion with Steve Shore about amateur spectra and how amateur can help better understand this system and the chromosphere of the red supergiant star. Talk and discussion in english with french summaries/translation.
Astrophysics course by Steve Shore (university of Pise), part 3: amateur spectra analysis, zet Puppis
Practical astronomical spectroscopy, training by François Cochard #4: how to improve the quality of your spectra
Talk by David Boyd about Radial Velcity measurements ith around 5km/s accuracy and what science can be done with this technic.
Astrophysics course by Steve Shore (university of Pise), part 4: amateur spectra analysis, 31 Cyg, VV CEp, AG Peg, CH Cyg, beta Lyr = Shelyak!

Webb Society, Cambridge - june2015
IOATalk at the Webb Society annual meeting in Cambridge on june 20th, 2015: Introduction to astronomical slit spectroscopy (PDF, 15MB size).
This is an introduction to astronomical spectroscopy trough the eyes of an Alpy 600 spectrograph in Cygnus constellation (and around). Content is:
-How does a slit spectroscope works?
-Kirchhoff's law through Albireo exemple
-P Cygni: Doppler Fizeau effect
-Nova Del 2013: Spectro-photometry, pro/am
-Pulsating stars: quest for higher resolution
-Some other variable stars

ASpekt - may 2015
TalkBeTalk at ASpekt symposium in Freiburg (Germany) on Classical Be star spectroscopy (PDF, 7MB size).
BeSS database started in 2007; 8 years later, we do a status on professional/amateur collaboration on Be stars. We review the nature of Be stars, the high resolution Halpha long term monitoring program and the recent development in terms of B stars low resolution automated survey using off-the-shelf spectrographs.

NEAIC - april 2013
Small Telescope Spectroscopy talk at North East Astronomical Imaging Conference (PDF, 30MB size !)

CAPAS - September 2012J.Lequeux
-pro/am collabodation in spectroscopy and available equipment (Olivier Thizy; PDF, 8MB)
-exemple of pro/am collaboration with BeSS and Be stars (François Cochard; PDF, 3MB)

Christian Buil made a talk on exoplanets and their observations with an eShel spectrograph (PDF, 4MB)

David Antao did a talk about his first steps with a Lhires III and about astrophysics with Albireo spectra.

See also the excellent slideset from professional astronomer (observatoire de Paris) on massive stars and his call for amateur spectroscopical observation of O-type stars! (PDF, 3MB)

OHP workshop - August 2012
Here are the link to slides used during OHP2012 workshop:

* Herbig Ae/Be (Valérie Desnoux)
* Novae (Ivan De Gennaro Aquino; 2MB)
* Pulsating stars and RR Lyrae (Denis Gillet; 15MB)
* delta Sco (Anatoly Miroshnichenko; 1MB)

See also OHP 2012 Blog & Pictures on ARAS forum.

SAS meeting - Big Bear, CA - May 2011
Society for Astronomical Science symposium in Big Bear Lake, CA: a great place, a good team of people focused on getting scientifical data out of their telescopes.

Here is a link to Olivier Thizy presentation on Amateur Pro-Am Spectroscopy (5MB, PDF)...

ATT / Essen - special Spectroscopy International Conference by ASPA - May 2011
ASPA (Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy : organized a Spectroscopy focused day during ATT Astro Fest in Essen on May 7th, 2011.

Here is a link to Olivier Thizy presentation on Amateur Spectroscopy and pro/am collaboration (7MB, PDF) but check out ASP web site for more presentations from other contributors!

NEAIC2011NEAIC / North East Astro Imaging Conference - April 2011
This presentation went through some historical aspects of spectroscopy introducing some key theoritical law such as Kirchhoff laws and Doppler-Fizeau effect. Then, the presentation is basically split in two parts: one part to review some educational projects that can now be conducted from your backyard, and one part which looks at some area where amateur can contribute and collaborate with professional astronomers - for example symbiotic stars, novae, cataclysmic variables, epsilon Aurigae, Herbig Ae/Be star, and of course the now famous Be stars and the coming delta Sco periastron campaign in 2011.

Download here Olivier's slideset on Amateur Spectroscopy (9MB PDF file).
And here is a video of the conference (250MB .MOV file!).

BAA Out-Of-London meeting - September 2010
Olivier Thizy made a presentation on Amateur Spectroscopy. After an overview of the major historical discoveries and key spectroscopical theory (Kirchhoff laws, Doppler-Fizeau effect), Olivier is providing an overview of Shelyak Instruments equipment and go through several educational activites to do in this field. He then ends his talk on pro/am collaboration which is is getting more and more active in spectroscopy, looking at some details on Wolf-Rayet 140, epsilon Aurigae, Be stars and the coming delta Sco periastron campaign in 2011.

Download here Olivier's slideset on Amateur Spectroscopy (7MB PDF file).

Classical BeSAS presentation - Mai 2008
Classical Be stars are non supergiant B-type stars that exhibit or have exhibit emission lines over the photospheric spectrum. In this paper we review common knowledge of Be stars, a study on beta Lyrae binary Be star, what can be achieved today with commercially available high-resolution Lhires III spectrograph, the status of a Be Star Spectra pro/am database and professional/amateur astronomers collaboration in several countries.

Note: at RTMC, right after SAS symposium, Olivier Thizy made a ~1h talk on amateur spectroscoy; video can be downloaded :

Product LineShelyak Product Line - Heidelberg - Mai 2008
Shelyak Instruments product line reviewed at Heidelberg VdS meeting on spectroscopy. First introduction of our eShel echelle optical fibre fed spectrograph.

beta Aurigaebeta Aurigae - Heidelberg - Mai 2008
This presentation does through beta Aurigae spectroscopic binary study based on multiple observers spectra. It shows how good a Lhires III spectrograph can be for spectroscopic binaries. This star is a bright and easy target, ideal for educational workshop.


JerryGaryCosmic & Atomic Fingerprints - Mars 2007
Two slidesets of Jerry Warner and Garry Clinch talks done in the US. First one is on theory while second talk is on practical aspects of spectroscopy in astronomy.

KeithTexas Star Party (Keith Schlottman) - Mai 2007
Keith Schlottman made a talk on spectroscopy in May 2007 at the Texas Star Party. Here is the slideset of that talk.

HR spectroSAS symposium - Big Bear Lake, California - Mai 2007
SAS (Society for Astronomical Science) organizes each year a symposium in Big Bear, California. In a beautiful location, more than 120 people met in May 2007 to review miscelaneous pro/am collaboration projects.

A dedicated workshop on spectroscopy took place that year and Olivier made a talk on high resolution spectroscopy.

MeotusMEOTUS - Novembre 2006

Ce colloque s'est déroulé à l'observatoire de Paris et fût pour nous l'occasion de présenter l'état de la collaboration entre les astronomes professionnels et amateurs dans le domaine de la spectrographie.

Le poster (en anglais) présenté montre le travail effectué sur les outils (matériels et logiciels), les moyens de communication mis en place, et le développement de la base de données de spectres d'étoiles Be "BeSS".

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