ES0006 – Full eShel II system

18 780,00  incl. VAT - 15 650,00  excl. VAT

Complete optical fibre fed echelle spectroscope for astronomy. Fitted with a second generation collimator, it takes your spectra to the Hδ line !

Spectral domain extended from 30 to 55 against 32 to 52 previously.

Resolution higher than 10 000 for orders 33 to 53

Simply add a telescope, an acquisition CCD camera, a guiding video camera and a computer!

See product description.

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In this pack you will find :

eShel II spectroscope PF0011

Choice of optical fibre has been made to increase radial velocities measurement accuracy and for a better confort in using the eShel. More details here.

eShel Calibration unit PF0012

It delivers the various sources of light to calibrate the spectrum :

  • Thorium-Argon lamp with high voltage power supply for precise calibration
  • Flat lamp for echelle order geometry and blaze processing



Fiber Injection and Guiding Unit F/6 PF0008

It makes it possible to inject the flux of the target into the optical fiber of the eShel. An autoguiding camera (not included) provides centering of the target and autoguiding on the input of the 50 μm optical fiber. It is also possible to inject the calibration lamps coming from the calibration module with a 200 μm optical fiber also connected to the injection unit. A remotely controllable mirror makes it possible to swich from one source to another. (F/9 on demand)

Variable T adapter BA0027 to mount your eShel fibre injection system on a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (typically with a 0.63x focal reducer).

Object optical fibre PF0051 (core diameter: 50µm) length 20 meters

Calibration optical fibre OP0024 (core diameter: 200µm) length 20 meters

You can see user guide and set up guide for this system.

Software to remote control the calibration unit in RS 232