ES0027 – Sol’Ex and Star’Ex optical kit

485,00  incl. VAT - 404,17  excl. VAT

Optical kit for the Sol’Ex and Star’Ex spectrograph.

Sol’Ex (Solar Explorer) is a DIY instrument for imaging of the Sun at any wavelength in the visible domain (this is a spectro-heliograph). This project is proposed by Christian Buil (see the Sol’Ex website), to build your own instrument with 3D printing, and the optical elements of this kit.
Star’Ex (for Stars Explorer, of course) is almost the same, but used to make stars spectra.
In this kit, we’ve collected all the optical elements to make a Sol’Ex as well as a Star’Ex:

A 10 µm reflecting slit and 4,5mm long on its holder




•  A 2400 gr/mm diffraction grating of 25 x 25mm





A custom-made doublet with a focal length of 80mm (D = 25.4mm, optimized for stellar spectroscopy)



A custom-made doublet with a focal length of 125mm (D = 25.4mm)



• Two custom-made doublets with a focal length of 50mm (D = 12.5mm) for the guiding module Star’Ex




A mirror of 15x15mm and 3mm thickness for the guiding module Star’Ex




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  • Kit intended only for the Sol’Ex and Star’Ex spectrographs, the description is indicated on this website.