PF0023 – Handheld spectroscope

117,60  incl. VAT - 98,00  excl. VAT

This visual handheld spectroscope is a 115mm long tube with a very precise entrance slit which provides a very good resolution for such product.

It is very easy to use on any light source: the sky (solar spectrum with Fraunhofer absorption lines), flame test in chemical analysis, absorption spectra through liquids, bright lines from discharge tube or any desk/street lamp…

Hubert Reeves, a famous professional astronomer, watching through our handheld spectroscope !

Handheld spectroscope in front of a lamp

Spectra of our Sun and of an energy-saving lamp.
Handheld picture taken with a simple digital camera.

  • Large diameter eyepiece aperture facilitates comfortable viewing of the SINGLE, LARGE and BRIGHT SPECTRUM which is CENTRALLY PLACED in the field of view.
  • high quality optical components ensure that absorption bands show up clearly – even weak bands that are sometimes difficult to detect.
  • The LINEAR SPECTRUM is generated by a particularly bright transmission diffraction grating of 600 lines/mm.
  • The unit is of fixed construction – no need for adjustment.
  • Robust assembly to withstand years of student handling.
  • Convenient size, 115mm x 25mm.
  • Supplied in protective rigid box.
This handheld spectroscope is ideal to use in classroom, during scientifical public outreach or simply for you to look at street lamp differently!