Specific Developments

Speed up your developments in Astronomy and Sky observation fields

SHELYAK Instruments has strong expertise in mechanics, optics, industrialization and project management that have been applied to the design and manufacturing follow-up of SHELYAK Instruments spectroscopes.

These skills can also be offered to organizations and companies in connection with astronomy and looking for design, prototyping and industrialization services of specific devices.

“Observatoire de Paris” for the FRIPON program and the design of a Visible-IR spectroscope for the Pic du Midi telescope, the French Air Force for a fiber-optic LISA and a polarimeter, AIRBUS SAFRAN Launchers (Airbus subsidiary), University Of Oxford Astrophysics on behalf of the 5 observatories of Global Jet watch, have already used SHELYAK Instruments services.

Use the agility of SHELYAK Instruments to boost your projects.

For this, contact directly François COCHARD, co-founder and CEO of SHELYAK Instruments: +33 6 86 66 36 58.