Scientific publications

While Shelyak Instruments spectrographs are for the vast majority used for educational purposes, public outreach, or simply self-education through practical spectroscopy from his/her backyard, several of them are used by for research purposes through pro/am (professionals / amateurs) collaboration programs.

Here is a list (non exhaustive, but give a good idea of the situation) of bibliography of article around pro/am astronomical spectroscopy. A huge increase started in 2005 due to the introduction of the Lhires III by AUDE association (for which Shelyak Instruments owners were largely involved) then all the spectrographs designed and manufactured by Shelyak Instruments.


Result is shown in the figure below.

Peak in 2012 seems to be explained by several CBET telegrams on novae and supernovae. 2014 is not complete (about half of it). The trend is clearly exponential !

This illustrate very clearly the strong contribution of Shelyak Instruments spectrograph to pro/am programs in astronomical spectroscopy.

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