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Every year, Association Aude and Shelyak Instruments organize the Spectro Star Party at the Observatoire de Haute Provence, in St Michel l’Observatoire, near Manosque in southern France.

This event is an opportunity to observe in exceptional conditions on a closed and privileged site: you will be able to set up your equipment on the ground and leave it in place for the following nights.

Please respond by completing the form by return email to contact@shelyak.comWe will need to receive your payment by bank transfer for complete validation.

Beginners or people who have not yet participated in a Spectro Party will be given priority for the first 28 registrations until May 20. the total number of participants is fixed at 50 People who have already participated in this Spectro Party will be put on waiting list in the order of arrival of the inscriptions.

Pr Steve Shore

Pr Steve Shore

Pisa Univsersity – E. Fermi physics department

Jaroslav Merc

Jaroslav Merc

Astronomical Institute of Charles University in Prague
Institute of Physics P.J. Safarik University in Kosice

This year, we are pleased to have with us Pr. Steve Shore who has already accompanied us for many years and Jaroslav Merc who will talk to us about symbiotic stars and pro/am collaborations on this subject.

Conferences are offered in the afternoon, in French or English, on Astrophysics. The full program will be sent to you later.

The night is devoted to observing the sky. whether you are an amateur or a confirmed astronomer, with or without a telescope, you will have the opportunity to practice or to see how to practice the spectro.

Each year, the course brings together people from very different backgrounds (France, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, but also regularly from far away (USA, Australia, China …) Exchanges are usually in French or In English, all in a great conviviality.

You may not have time to do everything, because there is also a swimming pool on the site, hiking trails in the scrubland around the site, singing cicadas, some opportunity to take a nap … It will give an excuse to return the following year.


  • Within the Spectro Star Party, we offer a training course. It is a matter of accompanying the beginners in spectoscopy by an experienced observer.
  • If you wish to take advantage of this training course, please indicate it on your registration form (specifying the type of instrument you are interested in)
  • You can of course bring your own equipment and install it in the area reserved for the spectro party, it is recommended that you have a good knowledge and mastery of your setup.
  • Introductory sessions for beginners in Spectroscopy will be offered with separate French and English sessions.

A typical day

  • Breakfast for those who have not spent a full night of observation
  • Training to be defined proposed from 10h-10h30 am
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon devoted to data processing, conferences and workshops
  • coffee break around 4 pm
  • Diner at 7 pm or 8 pm (according to the timetables in effect this summer)
  • Observations in the field all night
  • Night snack (for those who will not have breakfast)

Rates and sanitary conditions

List of prices

  • Full board in single room : 620,00 €

  • Full board in 2-bed room :541,00 €

  • Full board price with sleeping off site, version offered to good hikers because the site does not accept the cars at night (to avoid any light pollution) : 398,00 €

  • No room, no meals : 50,00 €

Health conditions for admission to the OHP site:

To date, the conditions for access to the Observatoire de Haute Provences site are as follows:

  • UPDATE : vaccination pass is not necessary
  • Respect of sanitary measures inside the site buildings

These measures may change in the coming weeks/months and we will keep you informed of the latest measures according to the evolution of the health situation. If we have to cancel again due to the health situation, all participants will be refunded the amount of their registration.

We remind you that camping on the site is prohibited.

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