The new Website of Shelyak Instrument is on-line!

It has been several months since we work on this new tool, and all the team of Shelyak Instruments is proud to show you the fruit of this work. With this new site, we have several objectives:

  • To offer you a better presentation of our instruments,
  • Be more in phase with the dynamism of the spectro community, all around the world,
  • Make your online purchases easier and safer
  • … and simply have a beautiful site, which reflects all the pride and the happiness we have to work in this wonderful domain of the astronomy !

You will thus find here a lot of new information on the activities of amateur and professional communities, ideas for great observations, as well as lot of data on instruments from Shelyak.

I let you discover !


François Cochard
April 12th, 2018

PS: we also have a small nostalgia to close the old Web site – see above – which accompanied the development of the adventure of the spectro for so many years… thanks to it !