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Are you interested for a spectroscopy elearning solution ?
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Workshop spectroscopie stellaire
Workshop in Marrakech 20-24 october 2014
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Thank you numerous visits at AME 2014
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OHP 2014

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IAS 2014
Meet Shelyak Instruments at IAS in Warwick, UK
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Alpy 600: in the press
Our new Alpy 600 spectrograph has been honored several times in the french and international press
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Spectrography for all

observationSpectrography transforms how we look at our universe. Until recent years, this technology was limited to professional observatories with... astronomical budget!

Our passion to astronomy led us to design a complete and affordable line of spectrographs, from discovery to professional and scientifical practice - including educational solution which is important to us. You will also find with us state of the art off-the-shelf working solutions including key accessories such as guiding and acquisition cameras.

You will find in this web site technical details of our products but also a large documentary section with projects to run with your spectrograph from your backyard. We hope to help you in your first step in spectroscopy... and you second one!

SoleilIn our design of those instruments (which we are also users), we follow some key principles :
- Simplicity and ease of use in the field.
- Scientifical: give you spectra to serve science.
- Technical quality of achieved results.
- Univeral, working with a wide range of standard equipment, even modest ones.
- Responsiveness to your needs.
- Instruments accessible to all...
... and always the pleasure of observing and discovery !

Stars send us a light rich of information, let your instruments decode it. Applications are infinite, observing programs are extending in the scientifical community : you won't see the stars like before !

Popularize scientifical astronomy

DomeTrackerDeyond spectrography, we design equipment to popularize scientifical astronomy among amateur community. Those instruments, always driven by the same core values (simplicity, performance, easy to use in the field), will help you for your regular observations. In this category, we invite you to discover Sentinel, a weather station designed for astronomy. And the Dome Tracker which will enslave your dome opening with your telescope.

Send us your comments : we will always care !

Oleron 2003

Astronomical Spectrography for Amateurs
Oleron 2003


SA200-F mounting kit

Star Analyser 200-F 1.25" mounting kit
SA200-F mounting kit


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