Astronomical spectroscopy for research, industry, education and leisure

Stars won’t look the same

Astronomical spectroscopie consists in spreading out the light coming from stars. This is the way to get a high number of informations on them. And this is suprisingly simple – even with a small instrument.

The TimeBox

The TimeBox is a device designed to date a precise timing of astronomic phenomena.

Demetra software

New version available !!!

Demetra the software dedicated to spectral processing for the ALPY 600 and LISA (available soon for eShel and Whoppshel)

Spectroscopy Practical Guide

This guide covers all the aspects necessary to accompany you to fast and quality observations with a slit spectrograph..

With handheld spectro and LHIRES LITE discover the spectroscopy without camera and without telescope.

Start in “spectro” (with camera and telescope) thanks to Star Analyser and Alpy 600

With LISA study the celestial objects of low intensity. Access radial speeds with LHIRES III and explore in the near UV with UVEX

With the ESHEL the pros and the confirmed astronomers go on a hunt for exoplanets.

Sn 1181, an unusual story …

Sn 1181, an unusual story …

At first glance, it is curiosity that motivates any amateur who observes the sky. Sometimes this curiosity is rewarded by acquiring a very beautiful picture or by explaining a physical phenomenon that takes place thousands of light years from Earth, through spectroscopic observation.

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Shelyak instruments: expert in spectroscopy

Shelyak Instruments designs, manufacture and sell for more than 10 years a full range of spectroscopes dedicated to Astronomy, for Research, Industry, Training and Leisure. If you are just curious or experimented observer, we have an instrument for you. We can also adapt these products, or even create new ones on your specifications. We sell all over the world, directly from this website, and also through our resellers worldwide network.

This website gives you all technical information on each instrument, but also a lot of informations on the spectroscopy principles, ideas for project, reference data, and so on. We’re proud to be a dynamic actor of the growing community of spectroscopist, and we want to better and better answer to your needs. If you don’t find the product or the information you need on this website, please contact us directly.


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