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Welcome to the World of Light

NASA picture
Astronomical spectroscopy is the art of switching from big infinite to tiny infinite: stellar objects like quasars for example are more than 10 billion light years distant from earth and in the same time, message sent is based on excitation levels of atoms and electrons (infinitely small particles). 
This light could seem very faint but if you decipher it thanks to spectroscopy, you will discover many secrets of stellar objects: 
 - The star class and its surface temperature
 - Its composition
 - Its mass
 - its movements ... 
As your expertise will grow with our devices, you will:
 - Observe the evolution of variable stars
 - Follow the "dance" of binary stars
 - Participate in scientific programs in collaboration with professionals 
And even participate in the discovery of exoplanets ....  
Shelyak Instruments designs and manufactures a range of spectroscopes to allow you to listen starlight, to realize your dreams and even more with your own telescope.
The Shelyak Instruments range is for all the players in astronomical spectroscopy, whatever their level, from discovery to professionals, through astronomer amateurs, beginners or experienced. Several devices allow a pedagogical approach and are the pretext for amazing practical work ... 
This site is here to offer you the spectroscopes and all accessories needed for their use. You'll find user manuals and technical and scientific references. 
 For clarity purpose, we have selected the most useful items but if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us: we have many other things to offer ...

Lhires III

High Resolution Spectroscope
Lhires III


Alpy 600

Spectroscope wide range
Alpy 600


LISA Slit Visible

High Luminosity in Visible domain
LISA Slit Visible


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