50µm object fiber

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Object fiber for fiber-optic ladder spectroscopy systems, in particular the eShel spectroscope.

Connect the FIGU (Fiber Injection and Guiding Unit) to the eShel spectroscope.

All about the product:


An optical fiber sends the starlight collected by the telescope to the spectroscope.

The optical fibers offered by Shelyak Instruments are optimized for use in astronomy, particularly with the eShel (or Whoppshel) system.


Available in lengths of 5, 10 and 20 metres
Connectors: FC type (both ends)
Multimode Fiber
Numerical aperture : NA = 0,22
Core diameter: 50µm (for Object fibers)
5mm-diameter stainless steel cladding, for optimum protection… even at night (no risk of breakage if you step on the optical fiber).

Note: losses mainly occur in the junctions, at connector level. The transmission of the fiber itself, up to some dozens of meters, is close to 100%. As a consequence, this attenuation value (<0.5dB) is valuable whatever is the length (5, 10 or 20m). Since October 2017, the fibers optics “Objects” (50µm) are of type “High-OH”, offering a very good performance in the blue part of the spectrum. These fibers can be used from 380 to 800nm, or even above.
For “object” optical fibers, we have been using “High-OH” fibers since October 2017, which offer excellent performance in the blue and even near-UV range (usable from 380-400nm), right up to the infrared (800nm and more).