Terms & Conditions

SARL SHELYAK INSTRUMENTS comply with the legislation of direct sale. Informations below group some key points regarging the sales conditions.


Article 1) Orders:

You can place orders by mail. There is no minimum order. Only complete and signed orders will be accepted and will be considered as a contract. It engage Shelyak Instruments onlyif it doesn’t contain mistakes or anomalies in product description and prices.


Article 2) Shipping:

Products in stock will be shipped in very short delay by postal service or any appropriate mean. In cas of a manufacturing or purchasing delay, you will be notified of the approximative delay until shipping.
In case a product could not be available after your order, we will inform you by mail or email based on our suppliers information. Your order will then be canceled and you will be reimbursed if your account was debited by Shelayk Instruments.


Article 3) Prices:

Shelyak Instruments keep the right to modify prices at any moment. Products will be billed based on prices at the time the order was received and recorded.
Price include the french VAT with current rate. Individual customers within the european communauty will pay their purchase with french VAT. Any change on the french VAT rate will be automatically and implicitely passed on our price at the date of the law application. Company within the european communauty and individual customers outside the european communauty will pay their purchase without VAT.


Article 4) Payment:

– Standard payment is full payment at time of order.
– For customers in France, the best payment form is a check from a metropolitan french bank. Bank wiring or postal money order can also be used by any customer. A bank RIB (“Relevé d’Indentité Bancaire”) can be sent to you upon request. In case of a partial payment upfront, it will be banked at the time of the order and the remaining will be banked at shipping time.
– For anyother customers (outside France), the full amount should be paid at the time of the order. The easiest payment mean is the bank wiring. An International Wiring Account number (IBAN or BIC) will be sent to you upon request.
– Some company or administration can ask for their own sales conditions (delay in payment for exemple). We will find together the best compromise before order.


Article 5) Property rights:

Products delivered by Shelyak Instruments remain our property until full payment of the invoice. Legal interest, reminder and administrative expenses linked to payment delay could be charged to the customer. Products back due to payment fault may have their value reduced depending on their condition.


Article 6) Non binding characteristics:

Informations, characteristics, technical data, images and prices are given as indicative and are non binding before any order validation or a quote is sent, and subject to potential mistake.


Article 7) Intellectual rights:

All texts, comments, documents, illustrations and images produced on our www.shelyak.com website are copyrighted to the all world. Following legal terms regarding intellectual property, only private use is authorised. Any reproduction partial or full without written consent is strictly forbidden.


Article 8) Data processing:

Information and data concerning our customers are required to manage orders and our commercial relations. They can be passed to companies that contribute to such relation such as managing orders, paiment processing… Those data are archived to fulfill our legal obligations and to allow us to improve and personalize our products and services.
As per the french law regarding data retention (January 6th, 1978), customers have the right to access their own personal data. Simply write to contact@shelayk.com or to our address (Les Roussets, 38420 Revel, France), indicating your last name, first name, address, email, and if possible your customer reference number.


Article 9) Responsability:

Products complies with french legislation currently applicable. Responsibility of Shelyak Instruments could not be engaged in case it doesn not comply with the local legislation where product is shipped and/or sold to. Customer have to verify with local authorities that products can be imported and used within the customer’s country.
In case of professional purchase, Shelyak Instruments could not be held responsible for any indirect damage linked to loss of revenue, loss of profit, loss of any business activity which could be tied to our product purchase.


Article 11) Applicable rights:

This contract is under french law. The terms of the contract is in French and the translation is provided as a courtesy. In case of litigation with professional and/or sales company, the court of Grenoble (France) will be qualified. Only french courts can be qualified for any litigation.


Article 12) Warranty:

All products sold have a one year warranty against manufacturing defect. Warranty does not cover any third party product attached or used with our products. Warranty amount will be limited to the product price. Warranty is not applicable in case of misuse of lack of maintenance.


Article 13) Customer service:

We are available to any question or request by phone: (+33.476.41.36.81 outside France) or by email: contact@shelyak.com