FIGU F/9 – 50µm

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The FIGU (Fiber Injection and Guiding Unit) is mounted at the telescope focus (F/9) to inject the starlight into an optical fiber (50µm). It’s a variant of the F/6 FIGU, with an included focal reducer.

All about the product:


The FIGU is mounted at the telescope’s focus to inject starlight into the eShel’s (or Whoppshel’s) optical fiber (50µm). A guiding camera (not included) allows you to observe the telescope field of view and locate the target star; then guide on this star. Alternatively, calibration light can be injected from the calibration module via a 200 µm optical fiber also connected to the FIGU A remote-controlled mirror allows you to switch from one source to another.

    Example of guiding image field of view with the 50 µm object fiber location

    See the detailed eShel page



    • For F/9 telescopes
    • Mounted on telescope by 2″ nosepiece (50.8mm) or by T-mount female thread (M42x0.75)
    • Backfocus ~45mm
    • Mirror with 50µm hole (for other F-ratios, please contact us)
    • Chrome-plated mirror (reflection ~55%)
    • FC connector for object fiber (50µm)
    • FC connector for calibration fiber (200µm)
    • Input for calibration flow (remotely activated mirror)
    • Fiber optics:
    • C-mount thread for the guiding camera
    • mirror system for injecting calibration light into the object fiber (controlled by an electromagnet)
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