PF0008 – F/6 50µm injection unit

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The fiber injection and guiding unit

It makes it possible to inject the flux of the target into the optical fiber of the eShel. An autoguiding camera (not included) provides centering of the target and autoguiding on the input of the 50 μm optical fiber. It is also possible to inject the calibration lamps coming from the calibration module with a 200 μm optical fiber also connected to the injection unit. A remotely controllable mirror makes it possible to swich from one source to another.

  • M42 T adapter telescope interface
  • Backfocus 41 mm (from external body to fiber hole, with the 2″ nose piece removed)
  • Miror with light going through a 50µm hole for the f/6 standard version (for other f/d ratio, please contact us)
  • Calibration fiber input (remote controlled mirror position)
  • Opticals fibers :

Fiber object 50 µm, 5, 10 or 20 meters length

Calibration fiber 200 µm, 10 or 20 meters length

– Fibers protected by metal/plastic casing

– FC fiber connectors

Autoguiding sensor field example with the location of the 50 μm object fiber and autoguiding on a star

See detailed page on eShel

  • f/6 telescope input is the standard configuration. Possibility to add the F/7.8 and F/9 configuration
  • Chromium mirror with 50µm hole
  • objet FC connector
  • calibration FC connector
  • Mirror switch to bring calibration light into object fibre
  • Connection with guiding camera : C mount
  • Operating temperature of the guiding unit : -25° C to +30° C
  • Guiding and injection unit storage : -30° C to +40° C
  • 2 inch nosepiece & T-mount thread