PF0012 – eShel Calibration unit

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This calibration set can also be used for most of fiber fed echelle spectroscopes.

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The calibration unit :

It delivers the various sources of light to calibrate the spectrum :

  • Thorium-Argon lamp with high voltage power supply for precise calibration
  • Flat lamp for echelle order geometry and blaze processing
  • A “LED” light allowing the identification of the orders during the process of the spectra

The calibration module can be controlled directly from the acquisition software (Audelà) with an RS 232 interface and also remotely controls the mirror of the injection unit for the selection of the source (calibration or flux from the telescope).

Spectrum of the Thorium-Argon lamp of the calibration unit (click on image to enlarge)


See detailed page on eShel

Software to remote control the calibration unit in RS-232