Calibration fiber 200µm

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alibration optical fibre (core diameter: 200µm) for echelle optical fibre fed spectroscope and in particular for the spectroscope eShel system.


Link between calibration unit and fiber injection and guiding unit (FIGU).

Caution : custom made. Manufacturing time around 6 weeks


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A fiber Optics is a “tube of glass” which can transport light, with almost no loss and no degradation. This system that allows us to separate the spectroscope (which spreads out the light) from the telescope (which collects it).

The Fiber Optics proposed by Shelyak Instruments are optimized for Astronomy, and especially for the eShel system.

Main specifications are :

– Multimode fiber, numerical aperture: NA = 0,22

– Core diameter :

     > 50µm for the fibers “Object”

     > 200µm for the fibers “Calibration”

– Standard lengths: 10 or 20m. Other lengths longueurs (up to 50m) upon request.

– The fiber is protectedby a tubing, made by extrusion, to ensure the best resistance (the tubing hold the traction efforts)

Stainless steel shield of diameter 5mm, ensures an optimal protection… even during the night (nos risk of damage if you walk on the fiber).

– Connectors of type FC at each end. This is a connector with an index, ensuring aconstant  angular position when unplug-replug the connector.

  • Attenuation < 0.5 dB, i.e. the transmission is above 90%. Note: the loss in a fiber optics is mainly at the ends, with the connectors. The transmission of the fiber itself, up to some dozens of meters, is close to 100%. As a consequence, this attenuation value (<0.5dB) is valuable whatever is the length (10 or 20m).

Length : 10 or 20 meters, inox protected outside.

Connectors : FC-FC

Technical details for the fiber optics are available at this page.