Star Analyser 200 Spectroscope

204,00  incl. VAT - 170,00  excl. VAT

The small accessory that gives you a low-cost start in astronomical spectroscopy. You work under the same conditions as in imaging, simply by adding the StarAnalyser in front of the camera or DSLR. Each star in the field is then accompanied by a spectrum, and you can observe differences from one spectrum to the next. This SA200 version is particularly suitable for mounting in a filter wheel, where the StarAnalyser is very close to the sensor.

All about the product:


The Star Analyser 200 has been designed to produce low-resolution spectra of sky objects as easily as possible.



It is suitable for many types of cameras (CCD cameras, webcams, DSLR…) and can be added to your astronomical filter set. It can also be used as a visual.


Note that if you don’t intend to use your Star Analyser in a filter wheel, we recommend the Star Analyser 100, which will give you equivalent resolution without too much dispersion.

For use in a filter wheel for unmounted filters, a mounting kit is available.