PF0040 – Star Analyser 200

180,00  incl. VAT - 150,00  excl. VAT

Analyser 200 is a high efficiency 200 lines/mm transmission diffraction grating, blazed in the first order. It is mounted in a standard 1.25 inch diameter low profile threaded cell, compatible with most telescopes and accessories as well as thin filter wheels.

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It has been designed to make the production of low resolution spectrum images of a wide range of point like astronomical objects as easy as possible.
It complements a wide range of types of camera used in astro-imaging. It can however also be adapted for visual use.

If you do not intend to use a Star Analyser in a filter wheel, we recommend you to use a Star Analyser 100 which will provide a similar resolution without too much dispersion.

To mount your Star Analyser 200 in a filter wheel for unmounted filters, you can use the mounting kit.