UVEX motorized

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The UVEX is the most versatile instrument in the range. Achromatic by design, it can explore far into the ultraviolet and infrared – at the very limits of what today’s cameras can achieve. The interchangeable gratings (in option) allow different resolutions. Combined with its motorization module, it can be operated remotely.

The motorized UVEX is the ultimate version of the UVEX, allowing remote operation. You can remotely control the central wavelength (grating angle) and adjust the spectroscope’s focus.

The motorization integrates the control of the calibration module (equivalent to the SPOX module). So it’s easy to do your dark, flats and calibration images remotely.

Complete your spectroscope with the products below :

Additional modules

Additional modules: technical specifications

Description Shelyak ref. Acc. type Included Comment
Guiding module PF0036 Guiding module To look at the slit entrance during observation
Calibration module PF0037 Calibration module For simple dark, calibration and flat images

Grating module

Grating module : technical specifications

Description Shelyak ref. Included

R @650 nm

Dispersion (nm/mm)

Blaze (nm)

Grating module UVEX 600t/mm




Grating module UVEX 150t/mm




Grating module UVEX 300t/mm




Grating module UVEX 1200t/mm




Grating module UVEX 1800t/mm



VIS (holographic)


Optical : technical specifications

Description Shelyak ref. Included

Material (% reflexion)

Mirror size

AR coating

Standard slit 23μm SE0140

Chromium (55%)

11 x 10 mm

400 – 700 nm

Comes with the guiding module

Standard slit 23μm SE0136

Nickel (not polished)

D = 15mm

Physical hole, no coating

comes standard with l’UVEX

High performance slit 23µm SE0247

Protected aluminium (92%)

13 X 12,5 mm

350 – 800 nm

High performance thanks to its size, high-reflection coating and extended AR coating
Photométric slit 23/200µm SE0145

Chromium (55%)

11 x 10 mm

400 – 700 nm

The slit is made of 2 parts: narrow for full resolution, and wide, not to lose a single photon.
Slit 35μm SE0150

Chromium (55%)

11 x 10 mm

400 – 700 nm

Slit 50μm SE0151

Chromium (55%)

11 x 10 mm

400 – 700 nm

Mirror slit 10μm SE0253

Chromium (55%)

12.2 x 13mm

400 – 700 nm

Very narrow slit for UVEX (for use with small-pixel CMOS cameras)

Recommended guiding cameras

Recommended cameras: technical specifications

Description Shelyak ref. Included

Acc. type



Caméra ZWO ASI 174 mini


Guiding camera

No The “standard” guiding camera, suitable for most applications

Caméra QHY 174 M GPS


Guiding camera

yes Cooling allows long exposures (> 30s). Can be useful for observing very faint targets.

Recommended acquisition cameras

Recommended cameras: technical specifications

Description Shelyak ref. Included

Acc. type



Caméra ASI 533 MM Pro


Science camera


Other accessories

Other accessories: technical specifications

Description Shelyak ref. Included

Acc. type


UVEX Fiber Optics Connector Kit


Used to mount an optical fiber (FC connector) on the UVEX. For bench experiments, for example.

Atik ring adapter for the UVEX



To use an Atik camera

QHY camera adapter ring for UVEX



To use a QHY camera

Order fimlter 530 nm for UVEX


Order filter

The order filter is recommended for observations in the IR: it avoids order overlap (the second order of the blue part of the spectrum is superimposed on the first order of the IR).

Argon-Neon lamps


Spare lamps

Ar – Ne lamp

Spare lamp for flats


Spare lamps

Halogen lamp

Eypiece holder for the guiding


Eypiece holder for the UVEX It complements the guiding module and allows guiding by eye, rather than by camera. For 1,25″ eyepiece

All about the product:


The UVEX is now motorized, and can be operated remotely.

The spectrograph slit has 6 positions that can be easily changed using a Phillips screwdriver (supplied with the UVEX). Several slot widths are available: 25µm, 50µm, 100µm, 300µm, a 25µm hole and a 3mm hole. Other slots are available as options, and Alpy slots are UVEX-compatible.

Mototrization :
The motorized UVEX allows you to select the central wavelength observed (grating angle) and adjust the spectroscope’s focus.

Remote control of integrated calibration module :
The motorization integrates the control of the calibration module (equivalent to the SPOX module). It is therefore easy to make your images of black, flats and calibration, remotely.

DEMETRA remote control Version:
The UVEX motorization module is accompanied by a new version of the DEMETRA software:
– Calibration “by set line”. We establish once and for all the law of dispersion, and we can readjust it on a well identified line. This is useful for covering all areas from UV to IR, when the reference lines are few.
– Motors module control,
– Image sequences, to link several series of images,
– Consideration of CMOS cameras (by the CMED correction step).

Not a DEMETRA user? Don’t panic, Shelyak has thought of you!
We provide you with a small software program, USIS Controller, which allows you to control the UVEX from your computer: USIS-controller
And if you want to integrate UVEX control more deeply into your own environment, the communication protocol between the computer and the UVEX motorization module is documented: this is the USIS protocol.


  • Cross Czerny-Turner Spectrograph
  • Spectral range : 350 nm à 1µm
  • Spectral resolution with the 600 tr/mm grating R=1700 @ 650nm
  • Multi position slit : 25µm, 50µm, 100µm, 300µm and a hole of 25µm
  • Optimal telescope F-ratio : F/8
  • Compatible with ZWO, QHY et ATIK camera with a backfocus <14mm
  • Motorized grating: select the central wavelength you want to observe.
  • Motorized focus: fine tune the UVEX focus position, to get the best optical quality.
  • Calibration module: control light source, through the (external) calibration module. You can switch between Sky, Dark, Flat and Calibration.
  • Dimensions (UVEX + Motors module, w/o cameras): 153 x 154 mm Height: 133 mm
  • Weight: 1.46 Kg (w/o camera)
  • Communication protocol : USIS


Included :

  • UVEX Spectroscope
  • A 600 tr/mm grating blazed at 500nm mounted on its support
  • A tool set
  • A bag of spare screws as well as 4 screws for fixing the autoguiding module on the UVEX.
  • An adapter ring for ZWO cameras
  • Cable to control the calibration module.

Not included

  • Power supply 12V / 1A
  • USB 2 cable connecting the UVEX to your computer

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