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SPOX lets you take control of the remote calibration module for Alpy 600, LISA and LHIRES III spectrographs (and the basic, non-motorized UVEX). Control can be taken manually (using the buttons on the box), or via your computer (using a USB connection).

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SPOX is a small box for remote control of flat and calibration lamps for Alpy, Lhires III and LISA. This can be done manually, close to the telescope (if you’re in the field, for example) or via your computer, using a USB cable – whether Windows or Linux-based.

Manual control close to the telescope is as simple as using SPOX’s push-buttons. Each button controls either the Flats tungsten lamp or the Neon/Argon lamp for spectral calibration.

A red LED indicates if one of the spectrograph’s lamps is faulty. You can also control the callibration lamps via a small piece of dedicated software (available in the download section) or via an application using an ascom driver.

The SPOX box comes with its own USB cable (2m), and as an option, depending on your spectrograph and configuration, you can also choose the cable needed to connect SPOX to your spectrograph. Choose from 2 cable lengths: – 0.8m – 5m The cable includes a Tiny XLR 4-pin connector, enabling direct connection to your LHIRES III. If you have an ALPY 600 or LISA, an additional adapter will be required and included depending on the option chosen when ordering. You’ll also need a 12V power supply.

Cables can also be ordered separately under the part numbers available in the SPOX section.


Only the cable connecting the SPOX box to the spectrograph will depend on the type of spectro you have. The SPOX box includes :

  • 12 V DC input
  • USB socket (supplied with 2m USB cable)
  • Tiny XLR 4-pin socket


Find out more about the SPOX box


WINDOWS application for controlling the SPOX box from your PC (unzip file)

ASCOM driver (requires ASCOM platform V6.3 or higher, unzip file)

– The INDI driver (see the INDI website)

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