Calibration module

882,00  incl. VAT - 735,00  excl. VAT

The calibration module is the natural complement to the Alpy 600 andUVEX. It includes a calibration lamp (Argon-Neon, Ar-Ne) and a flat lamp (halogen). Il permet de faire les images de référence sans toucher au télescope, voire même à distance. A ” Dark ” mode is also available (a mask obstructs the telescope’s beam). This module brings comfort and productivity to your observations.

All about the product:


Calibrating a wavelength spectrum requires observing the spectrum of a calibration light – i.e. a light with numerous emission lines whose wavelength is perfectly known. Such a lamp can be placed in front of the telescope, but the calibration module is extremely easy to use, and therefore highly productive.


The calibration module includes an Argon-Neon lamp, whose spectrum is perfectly known:

The calibration module also includes a flat lamp (halogen lamp, with continuous spectrum).

When one of the lamps is switched on, a small screen is placed in the telescope beam (controlled by a servo-motor): the calibration or flat light then illuminates the spectroscope slit in conditions very close to the telescope beam.

In addition, you can switch off the lamps and leave the screen in place, which obstructs the telescope’s beam: you can thus make dark images, without needing to obstruct the telescope.

The calibration module must be supplied with at least 12V – 1A (e.g. with this power supply).

The whole system can be controlled remotely: two connectors allow each lamp to be controlled separately (a 12V voltage on these connectors has the same effect as activating the switches).


  • argon/neon lamp for wavelength calibration
  • tungsten (halogen) lamp for continuous spectrum (flat)
  • can be controlled remotely (via separate power supplies)
  • light: 300g
  • compact: 100x95x30mm
  • power supply 12V/1A, connector 5.5 mm x 2.5 mm, positive pin in center, not included.

For power supply to European standard 220 V, see single or 4-way power supply.


See calibration module user manual.