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The TimeBox is an accessory that synchronizes your PC’s time with GPS time (UTC). It was originally designed for the precise dating of astronomical phenomena, in particular star occultations.

But beyond this application, it can be used in any instrument that needs an absolute time reference.

All about the product:


The TimeBox is a device designed to synchronize the time on a PC or server with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). TimeBox has been designed primarily for the precise dating of astronomical phenomena, but it can also be used for other applications requiring precise dating with an absolute time reference (UTC).

The dating of astronomical occultations andother astronomical phenomena need to be performed against an absolute time scale, in order to extract and compare records made by different observers around the world. The time scale chosen is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is the main time standard regulating clocks and time (Mccarthy et al. 2009). Stellar occultation is a tried-and-tested method used to determine the size, shape and position of asteroids, as well as their topology and satellite orbits (Trahan et al. 2014).

TimeBox is designed to ensure a precise dating of astronomical phenomena. TimeBox retrieves UTC time from GPS satellites and injects it into the computer in three different modes: triggering a LED (< 8 microseconds UTC) computer clock synchronization (± 2 milliseconds UTC) and camera triggering (requires a camera with an external trigger – precision < 1 millisecond UTC).

To find out more about occultations with the TimeBox, read this article


Dating accuracy, according to mode :
– Trigger LED span, < 8 micro seconds UTCspan,
– Computer clock synchronization ± 2 milli seconds UTC
– External camera trigger (if available on your camera) <1 milli second UTC

USB 2.0 connector

GPS connector

Trigger socket on BNC plug + 12V power supply socket: delivers a 9V pulse (requires 12V power supply and BNC cable not supplied). This voltage can be changed to 3V or 6V)

Box dimensions: L 135mm x l 80 mm x H 40 mm
Weight : 220 g

Includes 2m USB 2.0 cable, GPS antenna with cable and connector


The TimeBox user manual

An article on occultations with the TImeBox

An article in the IOTA Journal for Occulation Astronomy:


Software for Windows 7 : TimeBox Legacy

Software for Windows 8 and above : TimeBox XS

You also need to install the Arduino software

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