PF0063 – TimeBox

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The TimeBox is a device designed to date a precise timing of astronomic phenomena.


IOTA Journal article on the Time Box (you can also see the entire journal)

The TimeBox is a device designed to date a PC/Server time and digital video recordings with the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The TimeBox was primarily designed for precise timing of astronomic phenomena, but it can be used for other applications that require precise timing with an absolute time reference (UTC).

Timing of astronomic occultation and other astronomic phenomena need to be done in an absolute time scale in order to pull and compare recordings done by different observers around the world. The timescale chosen is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that is the primary time standard regulating clocks and time (McCarthy et al. 2009). Stellar occultation is a proven method used to determine the size, form and position of asteroids, and the topology and obits of satellites as well (Trahan et al. 2014).

The TimeBox is designed in order to allow precise timing of astronomical phenomena using digital video devices. The TimeBox recovers the UTC time from the GPS satellites and insert the UTC time in three different ways: LED firing (< 8 microseconds UTC), Computer clock synchronization (± 2 milliseconds UTC) and Trigger firing (< 1 milliseconds UTC).

For more information about the Timebox, you can read this article

Datation accuracy :
• With LED firing < 8 microseconds UTC
• For computer synchronisation ± 2 milliseconds UTC
• With trigger firing <1 milliseconds UTC

USB 2.0 plug

GPS Antenna plug

Trigger on BNC plug + 12V power plug: delivers a 9V pulse (requires a 12V power supply and a BNC cable not supplied)

Size : L 135mm x l 80 mm x H 40 mm

Weight : 220 g

Comes with a 2m USB 2.0 cable, a GPS antenna with its cable and its connector