SE0135 – Eyepiece holder for Alpy guiding

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To point at and track stars with an eyepiece.
Only complaint with the Alpy guiding module.

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Only works with the Alpy guiding module.

Alpy 600 requires a guiding module if you use it with your telescope. This guiding module is designed to work with a guiding camera.

In some conditions, using a second camera can be quite complex. In this case this accessory can help you. It allows you to replace the guiding camera by a simple eyepeiece (diameter 1,25″, 31,75mm) and you can guide with your eye.

For sure, a guiding with a camera will be more effecient (especially for long exposure tomes!), but if you observe only brilliant objects (easy to find and short exposure time), then it is a very relevant solution.

This accessory was asked by university teachers who organize regular Practical Classes of spectroscopy with their students and Alpy 600. For such Practical Classes, it is complicated enough to manage one camera CCD (the acquisition camera)!

For a 1.25″ (31.75mm) eyepiece.
Ideal for quick and easy observations of bright objects.