High performance slit 23µm

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SKU: SE0247 Categories: , ,

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High performance 23µm slit compatible with ALPY 600 and UVEX spectroscopes

All about the product:


This 23µm “high performance” slit differs from standard slits in the following ways:

  1. The coating is made of protected aluminium, which provides a reflection rate of over 90% (compared to ~50% on standard chrome slots).
  2. The reflective surface is larger: useful for example if you use an IMX174 sensor on your guidance camera with an Alpy guidance module.
  3. The anti-reflection treatment has been extended to cover the 350-800nm range; this is particularly useful with UVEX which covers a large spectral range.

This slit is compatible with the ALPY 600 and UVEX spectroscopes. It is particularly recommended for UVEX.