The whoppshel is a optical fiber spectrograph with a resolution R = 30000. The various elements of the spectrograph are mounted on an optical bench.

Here are 2 articles on tests which were carried out on 2 different telescopes:

First light on a 0,4 m telescope

• Test on 0,6 m telescope

  • Resolution : 30.000 (according to orders)
  • Spectral range : from 3920 to 7500 environ (order #46 to #87)
  • CCD camera: ATIK 460ex (SONY ICX 694 sensor). If the customer wants another, the capacity of correspondence between the different parameters to be taken into account must be checked and it is up to the customer to provide the camera
  • Limit magnitude : 8-9 with a 0,60 m telescope and 5-6 a with a 0,4m telescope
  • Weight : around 81 Kg
  • Dimensions : 210 cm length, 30 to 60 cm width, Height 50 cm
  • All cables, tools and power supplies are included
  • The Spectrograph and its subsystems shall operate under ~230 V and 50   Hz electrical supply
  • Operating temperatures of the spectrograph shall range between 0° C to +30° C,
  • The spectrograph is able to withstand storage temperature within -30° C to +40° C
  • Guiding camera : Shelyak could advice about the best detector sensor size : ASI 174 or QHY 174 (or ask for other cam)
  • Spares fiber could be ordered separately
  • The Data Reduction Software : DEMETRA could works with std FITS files and FITS header is populated with instrument configurations key words