LISA & Lhires III Photometric Slit

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SKU: SE0194 Categories: , , ,

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Additional slit set for LISA or Lhires III with four stepped slits. These slits are specially designed for spectrophotometry.
To be combined with the slit holder corresponding to the spectroscope: LISA or Lhires III

All about the product:


These slits, which can be used with the Lhires III or LISA, have two widths: a narrow part for full instrument resolution, and a wide part to ensure that all the star’s light is collected. By combining observations of the same star with these two slits, you can perform spectro-photometry, i.e. obtain not only the star’s spectrum, but also its total luminosity (photometry).

Four positions available:

  • 23/200µm
  • 27/250µm
  • 31/300µm
  • 35/350µm

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