Spectroscopy Workshop SMSW-2

By Olivier Garde


The second edition of the spectroscopy workshop SMSW-2 “Sacramento Mountains Spectroscopy Workshop”, was held in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on February 22nd, 23rd et 24th 2019 in the beautiful setting of the Encanto Hotel whose decoration reminds us that Mexico is not far away.

The organizers, Ken Hudson and Joe Daglen, set up very nice program with 13 speakers (including four French speakers) and 22 presentations were offered to the attendees during theses three days.

There were more than 80 attendees from six countries, and from 20 US states. Among them, both beginners and very experienced people in spectroscopy.

Conference room at Encanto Hotel in Las Cruces (NM)
(Photo credit : Olivier Garde)

Ken Hudson and Joe Daglen, the organizers of the workshop
(Photo credit : Olivier Garde)

The speakers

Various speakers followed one another during the workshop, whether professionals, amateurs or students.

Christian Buil
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

Drew Chojnowski, NMSU
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

François Cochard
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

Joe Daglen
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

Valérie Desnoux
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

Katie Devine, Phd
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

Olivier Garde
((Photo : Valérie Desnoux)

Ken Hudson
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

Stella Kafka, Phd
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

David Whelan, Phd
(Photo : Olivier Garde)

The students from the College of Idaho with Micah Woodard, Nick Lotspeich and Molly Vitale-Sulivan.
(Photo credit : Olivier Garde)

Program and workshop presentations

Find here all the presentations in .pdf file (click on the hypertext link to download the document)


Friday, February 22, 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019


  • Data reduction with ISIS (using LHIRES III data)
    by Joe Daglen and Ken Hudson

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Group picture

All attendees and speakers of the workshop (some people are missing from the picture)
(Photo credit : Joe Daglen)

Daisy Alferez from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada wrote an article about this workshop which is available HERE