ES0021 – UVEX

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UVEX spectrograph

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UVEX is a cross Czerny-Turner  spectrograph optimized for wavelengths from near UV (<400nm) to near IR (1µm).

We recommend to use an ASI 183MM pro camera with the UVEX spectrograph

In this article you will find a lot of additional information about UVEX.

It’s particularly dedicated to be used on Ritchey-Chretien type telescopes with a diameter up to 12 or 14 inches (at F/8)

The settings are precise and easily accessible:

  • A multi-turn knob adjusts the focus of the M2 internal mirror precisely.
  • An index os used to adjust the wavelength center of the spectrum on the camera sensor. A vernier (available for each type of grating) makes it possible to precisely position the grating at the desired wavelength.

The UVEX is delivered with a 600 gr/mm grating blazed at 500nm as well as adapter ring for ZWO cameras (others rings for QHY and ATIK cameras are also available in option).

The spectrograph slit has 5 positions that can be easily changed using a Phillips screwdriver (supplied with the UVEX). The slit position are for 25 µm, 50 µm, 100µm, 300 µm and a hole of 25µm. Other slits are available as an option and Alpy slits are compatible with UVEX.

A carrying case shockproof is delivered with the UVEX. It has pre-cut locations to safely transport the spectrograph with its camera as well as various accessories (additional networks, order filter, tools, etc..)


The UVEX is delivered with:


  • A 600 gr/mm grating blazed at 500nm
  • A tool kit including a Phillips screwdriver, a hexagonal screwdriver (2mm), hexagonal wrenchs (1.5, 2.5 and 3mm)
  • A bag of spare screws as well as 4 screws for fixing the autoguiding module on the UVEX.
  • An adapter ring for ZWO cameras
  • A cardboard sheet of the various verniers printed.
  • A plastic vernier for the 600 gr/mm grating.
  • A rigid carrying case
  • Cross Czerny-Turner spectrograph optical design
  • Spectral range : 350 nm to 1µm
  • Spectral resolution with a 600 gr/mm grating  R=1700 @ 650nm
  • Multi position slit : 25µm, 50µm, 100µm, 300µm and a hole of 25µm
  • Optimal telescope F/d ratio : f/8
  • Compatible with ZWO, QHY et ATIK camera with a backfocus <14mm
  • Dimensions : 145 x 140 mm Height = 120mm
  • Weight : 1,2 Kg (without camera)
  • UVEX weight+ carrying case : 3,2 Kg

•  Beta version of Demetra UVEX V of April 20th 2021